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The Earth System during Interglacials part of Climate Change:Activities
Students use a simplified climate model to understand how Earth's climate responds to greenhouse gas and orbital forcing with an emphasis on the last interglacial period. Students use the changes in climate to ...

Is there more extreme weather? part of Data, Simulations and Models:Online Data Sets 2015:Activities
There is an anecdotal perspective that weather is becoming more "extreme". Scientists, however, really grapple with proving whether this is true or not. In this activity students will address the problem ...

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University of Illinois at Chicago - Engaging Urban Students through Geoscience Career Development in the Classroom part of Integrate:Program Design:InTeGrate Program Models:University of Illinois at Chicago
The University of Illinois at Chicago program is centered on engaging urban students by incorporating career development into an overall more urban-relevant curriculum in the Department of Earth and Environmental ...

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