Rich Whittecar

Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Old Dominion University

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Paper: "Limitations and Hazards to Home Construction" part of Geomorphology:Activities
This is a semester-long writing project that incorporates exercises completed during first two thirds of the term. Students evaluate geomorphic conditions and potential hazards on one of four properties in western ...

On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Collection This activity is part of the On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Teaching Activities collection.
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Continental Glaciation - Landforms part of Geomorphology:Activities
This exercise provides reinforcement for student learning of the processes under and around continental ice sheets that form geomorphic features. The goal is to strengthen each student's ability to associate ...

Course (1)

Geomorphology part of Course Design:Goals Database
In this course we explore many of the major geomorphic systems, especially those that have affected Virginia. Landform processes and surficial materials related to tectonics, weathering, soil formation, stream ...

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Geomorphic history controls the locations of fresh-water wetlands on barrier islands, Virginia's Atlantic shore part of Vignettes:Vignette Collection
Fresh-water ponds on low sand islands Native Americans, pirates and the early European colonists used them. Ship-wreaked sailors owe their survival to them. Fresh-water ponds somehow seem out of place, though, ...