Katherine Scharer


Appalachian State University

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Simple Landslide Demo part of Introductory Courses:Activities
Demonstration of control of surface friction on slope stability. Simple analogue model uses a wooden board (the slope), a large rock (the landslide), and transparency and rough sand paper. Students anticipate how ...

Pop Bottle Hydrograph part of Introductory Courses:Activities
Create hydrograph and explore changes in physical parameters on form of hydrograph. Set up is easy: water is sprinkled into a model watershed (sand in pop bottle) and allowed to dribble onto cheap digital scale. ...

Course (1)

Environmental and Applied Geology part of Introductory Courses:Courses
Standard hazards and resources geology course. I continually emphasize physics and chemical processes that drive geologic outcomes, make students do a bit of math, and always incorporate current events.