Steve Dickman

Geological Sciences and Environmental Studies

SUNY at Binghamton

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Theoretical estimation of cooling times part of Geophysics:Workshop 07:Geophysics Activities
Development of equations governing conduction of heat, culminating in a scaling analysis to easily estimate order-of-magnitude time for magma body to cool. Simple ultimate formulas and wide-ranging geoscience ...

The Birth of the Earth System and the Convection Paradigm part of Geophysics:Workshop 07:Geophysics Activities
Convection is a major process operating throughout the Earth System. This combination lecture sequence / problem set activity sets the stage for the appearance and importance of convection within the Earth System, ...

Course (1)

Introduction to Global Geophysics part of Course Design:Goals Database
Application of physical concepts to understanding the solid earth. Topics: origin of Earth; gravitational and geomagnetic fields and effects; earthquakes and seismic waves; composition and structure of Earth's ...