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Phylogenetics problems part of Pedagogy in Action:Library:Coached Problem Solving:Examples
Students receive information about cladistics and apply this phylogenetic approach to two problems, collecting data, determining whether traits are ancestral or derived, and using this information to select the most parsimonious tree.

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Faculty-coached, In-class Problem Solving part of Pedagogy in Action:Library:Coached Problem Solving
Debby R. Walser-Kuntz, Sarah E. Deel, and Susan R. Singer Carleton College, Northfield, MN What is Faculty-coached, In-class Problem Solving? In this class format, students work collaboratively to solve problems, ...

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Broadening access through curricular changes to the BIO125 with problem solving course and the FOCUS colloquium part of CISMI:For Carleton Faculty:Curriculum Development Projects
Genes, Evolution, and Development with Problem Solving course: Development of structured pre-class readings to allow more time for active learning activities in class; the pre-class readings are paired with ...