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University of St. Thomas (MN)

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Tracking hot spots and hot moments in an urban freshwater estuary part of Project EDDIE:Teaching Materials:Modules
This module explores the hydrology and biogeochemistry of the St. Louis River Estuary (Duluth, Minnesota). The overarching question of the module is: when, and where, is the estuary acting as a source vs. a sink ...

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Using Project EDDIE modules in Environmental Science Senior Seminar part of Project EDDIE:Teaching Materials:Using Project EDDIE Materials:Instructor Stories
This module explores seasonal dynamics in hydrology and biogeochemistry in a freshwater estuary. Students use a dynamic mixing model to tease apart the contribution of different sources of water at different locations throughout the estuary, and then use these results to infer hotspots of nutrient dynamics.

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January 2022 Project EDDIE Module Development & Community Building Experience
January 2022