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North Carolina State University

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The Ethical Reasoning InstrumentTM (ERI) part of STEM Futures:Products
We built a digital resource instrument (a wizard) to assist in the development of life sciences curricula that frame biology competencies in the context of ethical reasoning, since ethical and moral reasoning are important dimensions to college student development (Kohlberg, 1976). Using the "Eight Key Questions" framework developed at James Madison University, we generated a series of questions and examples of how instructors can adapt their syllabi, classroom activities, assessment, and pedagogy to re-center ethical reasoning.

Re-centering Ethical Reasoning in Life Science Using an Ethical Reasoning InstrumentTM (ERI) part of STEM Futures:Product Elements
Our Ethical Reasoning InstrumentTM (ERI) wizard is a process instrument that provides a way to acknowledge the context for curricular development in the life sciences to include value context, ethical context, epistemology/positionality, and pedagogy, using the "Eight Key Questions" frame developed at James Madison University as a guide. The Instrument below leads course/activity designers through a series of questions that has them consider the eight questions in each of the three dimensions of student activities, assessment and pedagogy.

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