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The University of Texas at Arlington

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<p class="MsoNormal">Kendra Wallis is an Assistant Professor of Instruction in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Her background is in Physics, with research interests in solid state materials, positron annihilation techniques, and nano-structured materials. She currently teaches Engineering Problem Solving, which is a freshman level course for future engineers of all disciplines. Her teaching involves active engagement, with students working problems and writing MATLAB programs during class. Dr. Wallis has served as a Faculty Fellow with the Collaborate UTA Professional Learning Community since 2018, and she has done research on the role of team composition by gender on teamwork performance. Besides being passionate about STEM education, she is an active ally for inclusive policies and providing education supportive of diversity.

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Breakeven Analysis Project part of Teaching Computation with MATLAB:MATLAB Workshop 2020:Activities
The project requires students to use basic programming skills in MATLAB to write a program that will perform a breakeven analysis for a proposed new elephant house at the local zoo. Students are given parameters ...

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Three Challenges to Online Teaching: Engagement, Observation, and Cheating part of Teaching Computation with MATLAB:MATLAB Workshop 2020:Essays
Kendra Wallis, Materials Science and Engineering, The University of Texas at Arlington Engineering problem solving lends itself pedagogically to an active learning approach. In face-to-face classes, this involves ...