Cara Thompson

Earth Science, School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences

Arizona State University at the West Campus

Webinar Leader, Workshop Participant, Website Contributor

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Unit 2: Ocean Conditions: Ancient to Modern part of Ocean Sustainability
Students will be provided with seawater pH and carbon dioxide concentration (pCO2) data spanning as far back as 1850. They will describe trends in pH, pCO2 and atmospheric CO2 concentration, outline why these ...

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Time Scales of Climate Change part of Rates and Time:Teaching Activities
This activity introduces students to the fact that climate change occurs at timescales of 1 year to 108 years and there are various drivers to explain these changes. It addresses how scientists detect these scales ...

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Cara Thompson: Using Ocean Sustainability in Physical Oceanography at Santa Monica College part of Ocean Sustainability
I implemented the Ocean Sustainability Module in my introductory Physical Oceanography course at a two-year junior college (Santa Monica College). Many of our students struggle in science courses. It was great to see those students grasp concepts through the hands-on, student-lead learning provided in this module.