Michael Wright

Biological Sciences

California State University-Sacramento

Workshop Participant, Website Contributor

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Activity (1)

Simulating Passive Properties of Neurons Using Matlab part of Teaching Computation with MATLAB:MATLAB Workshop 2018:Activities
This lab activity simulates a fundamental concept in cellular neuroscience; namely that all neurons can be modeled as circuits (i.e., the equivalent circuit) composed of resistors and capacitors in parallel. The ...

MATLAB Exemplary Collection This activity is part of the Teaching Computation in the Sciences Using MATLAB Exemplary Teaching Activities collection.
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Course (1)

Data Science for Biologists part of Teaching Computation with MATLAB:MATLAB Workshop 2018:Course Descriptions
The primary goal for this course will be to teach data science techniques to upper division biology students. Students will learn how to work with data originating from different fields within Biology.

Essay (1)

Never Too Late: Developing Quantitative Thinking Skills in an Upper-Division Biology Course part of Teaching Computation with MATLAB:MATLAB Workshop 2018:Essays
Michael Wright, Biological Sciences, California State University-Sacramento "I am not a math person" is a common refrain from students in my upper-division Systemic Physiology course. This course draws ...