nicole davi

Environmental Science and Geography

William Paterson University of New Jersey

Nicole Davi is a professor at William Paterson University and a scientist at the Tree Ring Laboratory at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. She develops and interprets high-resolution tree-ring records in order to further our understanding of past natural and recent anthropogenic climate change over the past 2000 years.

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Water, Agriculture, and Sustainability part of Water, Agriculture, Sustainability
Water is the most critical substance for the sustenance of life, but the prognosis for the quality and supply of water resources in much of the world is somewhere between troubling and dire. This module provides a ...

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Nicole Davi: Hydrology and the Environment at William Paterson University of New Jersey part of Water, Agriculture, Sustainability
Students in my hydrology class were very engaged and excited to use these materials. The instructions were clear and the students did a great job working through the module in the time allotted. Having them analyze and compare datasets firsthand was very effective and motivating. Students developed a much deeper sense of our water problems and how they connect to them and also a better sense at how to evaluate data first hand.