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Learning Landscapes: RIVERS part of Rates and Time:GSA Activity Posters
Learning Landscapes provides historic "geo-images" of Rivers and Slopes. Students work at their own pace through a series of on-line images with directed questions and expert answers for each image. Images stem in most part from the University of Vermont's Landscape Change Program archive. Preliminarily, we have found that students relate to local images of New England, use the site as a resource, relate image content to course field laboratories, and relate images to their previous knowledge.

Using Data to Teach Earth ProcessesAn Illustrated Community Discussion at the 2003 Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America part of Data, Simulations and Models:Workshop 03:Activities
Christine A. Massey Perkins Geology Museum–University of Vermont - The Landscape Change Project works with middle and high school students to archive physical landscape change in Vermont. Students work with ...

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Ocean to Ice Cap: Photo Essay part of Vignettes:Vignette Collection
Attached is a series of photographs showing a traverse of the Greenland ice sheet from its western margin at sea level, near Kangerlussuaq (formerly Sonderstrom Fjord), to the summit station at 3207m high. The ...

Christine Massey part of Reconsidering the Textbook:Participant Profiles
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