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Engineering and Technology

City College of San Francisco

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Students' Evaluation of Competing Alternative Energy Options for a Sustainability Assessment part of Integrate:Workshops:Systems, Society, Sustainability and the Geosciences:Activities
In this team exercise, students take on the role of hired sustainability consultants to do a sustainability assessment of a proposed wind farm and a proposed hydropower station. There are many methods for doing this type of assessment. In this exercise, the students will use a method typically referred to as a multi-criteria weighted assessment. It is similar to a weighted average of different attributes of each project that contribute to the sustainability discourse. In doing this assessment students will critically assess the pros and cons of 2 different power stations. Students are asked to discuss within their groups to resolve uncertainties and disagreements about attributes and scoring. Students are asked to eventually work towards agreement for each attribute, weight, and score.


Productive sustainability discourse through insisting on diverse perspectives part of Integrate:Workshops:Systems, Society, Sustainability and the Geosciences:Essays
Hitesh Soneji, Engineering and Technology, City College of San Francisco Perhaps the most important step in making a course interdisciplinary is to attract students with a variety of interests and disciplines ...

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