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American Institute of Biological Sciences

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Why Should You Be Scientifically Literate? part of Process of Science:Examples
The article Why Should You Be Scientifically Literate? provides students with discussion and other activities about how science literacy will help them: understand issues that you come across daily in news stories and government debates appreciate how the natural laws of science influence your life gain perspective on the intellectual climate of our time The article provides both professional development ideas on best practices about how to improve science literacy in the classroom and suggestions for teaching activities that are suitable for middle high school students.


Error and the Nature of Science part of Process of Science:Courses
Understanding the nature of science, especially how scientists err, is an essential tool for assessing the reliability and scope of scientific claims perceiving the scope of these claims making personal and public decisions There are two parts to the activity: the article is suitable for professional development of teachers, educator discussion groups, etc. the activities suggested by the article and in the accompanying links are aimed at students and vary in length and scope.

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