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Mapping a local Dune Field, and estimating paleowind speed and direction part of Cutting Edge:Geomorphology:Activities
We visit the Pinebush dune field in eastern New York State (20 minutes from campus). Students map one large parabolic dune, and collect sample of dune sand. In the lab, students map the dune field from aerial ...

Stream Terraces part of Cutting Edge:Geomorphology:Activities
Field work is surveying terraces along the Mohawk River and two of its tributary streams in eastern NY State. Lab write up requires students to present data graphically and to propose an hypothesis that explains ...

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Geomorphology part of Cutting Edge:Course Design:Goals Database
An introductory course on surface processes and landforms, with an emphasis on landforms and processes the are or have been dominant in the vicinity of Union College (eastern NY state)


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