Mark Wood


Jefferson Community College

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects


Using the local topo maps 'Louisville East and West Quads' part of Cutting Edge:Introductory Courses:Activities
This assignment is designed to test if the students have understood the past two preparatory assignments in introducing topographic maps. After two 'pre-lab' exercises and readings in what a topographic map is this map gives the student their hands-on experience in evaluating this information resource that is new to most of them.


Physical Geology part of Cutting Edge:Introductory Courses:Courses
A first course in the principles of physical geology, including study of minerals and rocks, volcanoes and earthquakes, plate tectonics and the landforms of the Earth's surface. It requires concurrent enrollment in GLY 111; Lab course that is an introduction to the identification of minerals and rocks in hand specimens, interpretation of landscape features as shown on topographic maps, an introduction to geologic maps and the processes that shape the earth.

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