Carolyn Dowling

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Chemistry and Physics
Arkansas State University-Main Campus

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects

Activities (2)

Exercise on Atmospheric Structure, Stratospheric Ozone, and Acid Rain part of Cutting Edge:Introductory Courses:Activities
This activity helps students to understand the basic ozone structure as well as ozone and acid rain problems.

What can you do? part of Cutting Edge:Introductory Courses:Activities
This activity helps students, specifically non-majors, to become more environmentally conscious. They identify a minimum of five behaviors, situations, or actions that are harmful to the environment and can be changed, altered, or modified in a reasonable amount of time and with a minimum of money.


GEOL 1003: Environmental Geology part of Cutting Edge:Introductory Courses:Courses
Environmental Geology is a survey of fundamental geologic processes and associated hazards (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, etc.) and the interactions of humans with the environment.

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Hydrogeology Workshop 2005