Gail Hoyt

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University of Kentucky

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects

Teaching Method Module

Interactive Lectures part of Starting Point-Teaching Entry Level Geoscience:Interactive Lectures
Created by Heather Macdonald College of William and Mary and Rebecca Teed, SERC and updated by Gail Hoyt, University of Kentucky, Jennifer Imazeki, San Diego State University, Barbara Millis University of Texas, ...

Other Contribution

Gail Hoyt part of Starting Point: Teaching and Learning Economics:About this Project:Project Participants
Professor of Economics 335D Department of Economics Gatton College of Business and Economics University of Kentucky Lexington, KY 40506-0034 Phone: 859.257.2517 Fax: 859.323.1920 Background ...

Events and Communities

Economics in Two Year Colleges Workshop 2011

Developing Modules for Teaching Economics