Lois Ongley

Environmental Science

Unity College

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects


Arsenic on Main St., Unity ME part of Cutting Edge:Service Learning:Activities
The ultimate plan is organizing a "Water Quality Fair" for residents of the Unity, ME area (rural farming region). Conceptually, students would analyze water samples brought into the community center (although we might end up having to use the chem lab) for common water quality issues (hardness, iron, arsenic, sulfur, and pesticides). At this fair, there will be displays by local certified water labs, water remediation options, and some interesting water activities. I hope to do this in Spring 2011. As a pilot project, students taking analytical chemistry will analyze water samples contributed by employees of Unity College to determine the arsenic concentration and hardness during the last 2 weeks of April, 2010. In every case, various data about the water source will be recorded to begin assembling a water quality data base for this part of the state. Products may include student-designed brochures about water quality, lessons for K12 students developed by pre-service teachers, any other good ideas students come up with. This project is expected to "feed" student/faculty research including undergraduate theses, a publishable body of scientific work, and possibly samples sites for seasonal or long term sampling.


Environmental Analysis part of Cutting Edge:Course Design:Goals Database
All of the physical processes which interact with the environment are covered at a more advanced level. The laboratory portion will include a major environmental project related to topics in aquatic chemistry, atmospheric chemistry, geochemistry, and solid and hazardous wastes. NB Unity students expect experiential student-centered learning.

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