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Extreme Weather


Wild weather stories are everywhere! Floods, droughts, tornadoes, heat waves, hurricanes, and blizzards. What's behind this extreme weather? Are these weather events within the range of normal climate? Will these patterns persist and are they a sign that the long-term climate is changing? What implications will this have for life? These are questions that many scientists and citizens are asking.

In this Lab, you will develop an understanding of climate change and how it is different from climate variability. You will read articles and access data, maps, and graphs of trends. You will view several short video clips and learn about and compare climate models. You will see how climate impacts life and life impacts climate in both short and long timescales.

After completing this Lab, you should be able to:

Keeping Track of What You Learn

In these pages, you'll find three kinds of questions. Your teacher will let you know which questions you should answer and turn in.

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