Earth Science All Around: Using 360 Imagery To Support Place-based Instruction

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This share-a-thon presentation provides a mini-intro to place-based teaching in the geosciences, as well as a tour of the Earth Science All Around website that is jam packed with resources, lesson materials, and simulations that are ready for you to use today. Virtual field trips, 360 images, Google Earth and place-based geoscience education approaches support 3-dimensional teaching and learning as called for in the Framework for K-12 Science Education. These can form the basis for rich, independent (including "learn from home") lessons for students. Join NESTA today!

Share-a-Thon Recording

Earth Science All Around Video (right-click or control-click to download)


  • Aida Awad, Education Consultant and Adjunct Professor
  • Steve Semken, Professor, Arizona State University
  • Ed Robeck, Director of Education and Outreach, American Geosciences Institute