Developing a User Scenario


Goal: Capture in a short story a specific concrete example of how educators and researchers (professionals, faculty and students) will engage datasets, data tools, and data products that are now available through digital delivery and cyberinformatics systems and the role that digital libraries will play.

Audience: Faculty, Developers

Length: ~ 1 page

Format: Provide 1-2 lines of general description of how you would like to access and use datasets in your future teaching and research activities, and a more complete (1-2 paragraphs) narrative description of your specific data-based activities and needs. It would be most helpful if you could provide information about:

  • The anticipated application(s) of the database.
  • The scientific questions that you would address using the database, and the overall context of these questions.
  • The type of data you will need, data sources, data collection instruments, preferred formats of the data, import/export procedures for using data...
  • Tools needed to reduce, analyze, represent, and report data
  • Any derivative data products that you would like to access
  • Advice to developers of databases (and supporting services) to inform them of specific functions and services that should be built into the system.

For scenarios that describe educational applications of using data, please describe the learning goals of the activity described in the scenario and the intended audience (majors, non-majors, future teachers). Describe the specific activity and ways in which data will be accessed and implemented. Address the roles of student and faculty in using data, and the learning that is taking place at each step. Please make the pedagogic thinking explicit. (e.g. Susan goes to the digital library to find temperature, vegetation, and population data for her study. In this step, it is important that she be able to evaluate data sets to determine the quality of the data by looking at its origin and data collection protocol. This is critical in developing her ability to evaluate the confidence she has in her conclusions.)

For scenarios that describe research-oriented applications of using data, please provide specific details about the type of data you require, required characterization of the data (i.e. metadata), tools that will enable effective use of the data, and a specific example of anticipated research questions, methodologies, and outcomes.

You may want to browse through the existing scenarios page to see a number of examples that are currently available. It takes us a bit of time to do the "back office" work to post the submitted scenarios on the webpage; be assured that your contributions will be available within a week or two of your submission. Thanks in advance for taking the time to submit your user scenario.