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Air Quality Team


Ana Prados, Kevin Ward, Frank Niepold, Katie Stofer, Tamara Shapiro Ledley and Holli Riebeek

Goals and workspace for each session:
Air: August 12

Air: August 13

Ana Prados - At the University of Maryland Baltimore Co. (JCET)
Working on satellite measurements for air quality applications (aerosols and OMI NO2).
Previously at NOAA, now working on the Giovanni system and located at NASA GSFC.

Giovanni main data page:

Giovanni Air Quality Instance Page - item no. 6 in the main table on the page above.

Holli Riebeek - Terra outreach at NASA Goddard. I'm excited to be working with all of you! The aerosol optical thickness data sheet follows.

Aerosol optical thickness data sheet (Microsoft Word 78kB Aug7 08)

A completed data sheet is at
We should use a blank data sheet word document and add the information to each field that you feel is appropriate and then upload it to the wiki...

Real time data:

Katie Stofer - TerraLink Earth Science News Exhibit Manager at the Maryland Science Center. We've been working on interesting visitors in citizen science through our Earth by Aura (UV index measurements) project, an outgrowth of the Earth Explorers Institute of November 2004.

Potential Partners/Contacts