Elliot Soloway


Computer Sciience


University of Michigan

2260 Hayward
Ann Arbor, MI 48109


What are, to you, the key issues in creating learning resources that support your teaching style and your student's learning styles?

I am focusing on K-12 and as such the key issue is standards -- aligning the resources with the standards. A second key issue for me is mobility -- making sure the resources can be easily downloaded into mobile devices -- from handheld computers to student appliances to cell phones.

What is your vision for the "textbook" of the future and what impediments do you see to realizing that vision?

What is needed is digital content that is regularly updated and addressed to learners. Given the way textbooks are produced today, that need is not being addressed.

Describe briefly any research you have undertaken on teaching or learning.

I and my colleagues are working on developing learning environments for mobile, handheld devices for K-12 students.

Have you created publicly accessible learning resources?

My company has materials that are available on a trial basis at http://www.gomobilesolutions.com.

How would you like to contribute to the workshop?

I look forward to making a presentation and challenging attendees to think deeply about the issues of mobile technology in teaching and learning.

What would you like to take away from the workshop?

It would be great to come away with a new idea about digital content.