Thomas Banchoff

head shot

Royce Family Professor of Teaching Excellence, Brown University

Mathematics, specifically Geometry

Department of Mathematics

Brown University

151 Thayer Street
Providence, RI 02912

401 863 1129

401 863 9013

What are, to you, the key issues in creating learning resources that support your teaching style and your student's learning styles?

How does new Internet-based technology help teachers to do better what they already do well?

What is your vision for the "textbook" of the future and what impediments do you see to realizing that vision?

A protean resource enabling each teacher to configure a course that provides the best learning environment for each student, giving access to background material and enrichment activities as appropriate at every stage.

Describe briefly any research you have undertaken on teaching or learning.

Our courseware provides communication software for interaction between students and teachers as well as among students, and visualization software for classroom presentations, interactive exploration, and sharing of accessible applets. We have ten years of experience using versions of these materials together with tools for evaluation and assessment.

Have you created publicly accessible learning resources?

Contributions to online mathematics are accessible through the webpage including interactive galleries, the Math Awareness Month 2000 interactive poster, and the electronic version of the book "Beyond the Third Dimension".

How would you like to contribute to the workshop?

By demonstrating our materials and discussing what we have learned and where we are going with our project.

What would you like to take away from the workshop?

New ideas from other like-minded participants.