Myles Boylan

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Program Officer

Economics; Multidisciplinary STEM

Divisions of Undergraduate & Graduate Education

National Science Foundation

4201 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22230

(703) 292-4617

What are, to you, the key issues in creating learning resources that support your teaching style and your student's learning styles?

Ensuring "compatibility" --> text-based materials and active learning classrooms. The tension enters when a given course "has to" cover a certain amount of material because it is prerequisite for a "downstream course" or a basic exam that will test for breadth of knowledge.

What is your vision for the "textbook" of the future and what impediments do you see to realizing that vision?

A basic textbook hyperlinked to extensive and varied other resources: key journal articles, some data sets, working papers, powerpoint presentations, images, video clips, and interactive (smart) homework assignments.

Describe briefly any research you have undertaken on teaching or learning.

I monitor journal articles and final NSF reports on education grants.

Have you created publicly accessible learning resources?

I wrote one article 20 months ago that appeared in the journal: Social Science Computer Review, "What have We Learned from 15 years of Supporting the Development of Innovative Teaching Technology?" This appeared in the Dec 2004 (or Jan 2005) volume.

How would you like to contribute to the workshop?

By serving as a resource person who has broad knowledge of products being produced in education grants.

What would you like to take away from the workshop?

A better sense of the most effective uses for textbooks.