Christine Massey

Landscape Change Program Coordinator

Science Education

Departments of Education and Geology

University of Vermont

UVM Geology, 180 Colchester Ave.
Burlington, VT 05405-1758

802 656-1344

802 656-0045

What are, to you, the key issues in creating learning resources that support your teaching style and your student's learning styles?

The learning resources that I prefer facilitate active learning.

What is your vision for the "textbook" of the future and what impediments do you see to realizing that vision?

I envision textbooks of the future to be more like glossaries or references rather than providing the main content for any given scientific discipline. I imagine that instructors at all levels will have the hardest time "readjusting" their teaching methods to provide traditional textbook information in other, more "learner-friendly" ways.

Describe briefly any research you have undertaken on teaching or learning.

Within the Landscape Change Program at UVM, we are trying to understand how images of Vermont landscapes may best be used for teaching and learning. 1) I have been part of understanding how students learn visually using on-line learning modules rich with images of landscape features and human contructs (Learning Landscapes Rivers Unit). 2) I have also worked to understand how K-12 teachers best develop curriculum using landscape images.

Have you created publicly accessible learning resources?; The Perkins Digital Archive is an on-line image collection of the rock, mineral, and fossil holdings of the Perkins Geology Museum at the University of Vermont.; The Landscape Change Program is an on-line archive of historic landscape images from Vermont with linked curricula and activities.

How would you like to contribute to the workshop?

I will be able to provide context to discussions related to building large image archives, working with K-12 populations, and earth science education.

I am also helping to organize the workshop.

What would you like to take away from the workshop?

I hope to learn more about effective learning resources and network with other professionals who are working towards better educating the people of this planet.