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SERCGeo Email List

The SERCGeo email list is a great way to stay abreast of happenings in the community of geoscientists and educators who belong to Teach the Earth. This list is used to announce activities from SERC and Teach the Earth that are of high interest to the broad Geoscience Education community.

SERCGeo is an announcement list and not a discussion list. Emails will only come from staff at SERC and are moderated to include only emails of broad interested. For discussion-based, topical email lists and discussion boards see the Email Lists and Discussions Site Guide.

To subscribe to the list, just send an email to sercgeo-join@serc.carleton.edu. As we occasionally populate the list with participants in workshops and activities run by our programs, please email serc@carleton.edu to unsubscribe from the list. That way we can make sure that you don't get re-added to the list in the future. Just note that in your email that you would like to be removed from the SERCGeo email list.

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