Cornell - Coe Visit

Steve Singleton (Coe College, Chemistry Department)
Craig Teague (Cornell College, Chemistry Department)

Goal:Share Chemistry Research Expertise

Craig wanted his students to see lasers in action and have them explained by an expert--someone who uses lasers in his or her research. He also wanted someone to lead a discussion of an article that that person authored. Coe faculty wanted to hear (and wanted their students to hear) about an area of research that was different from anything being done at Coe.

Visit Components

    • Steve at Coe showed Cornell students laser usage/demo
    • Steve went to Cornell and did lecture and class
    • Craig from Cornell gave research talk at Coe and contributed to MRI grants


      • both use equipment and starting to collaborate on research
      • grant funded and did another grant
      • Craig gained better appreciation of lasers and integrated into own courses
      • Coe students heard about Craig's research