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    Pedagogy: Teaching with Data

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    Using Properties to Identify Ionic and Molecular Compounds
    Tamara Ellsworth, Parkers Prairie High School, Parkers Prairie, MN, based on a lab for pre-ap chemistry at the westlake high school website.
    An inquiry activity for students to test physical properties of several compounds to analyze data and determine if the compound is ionic or covalent. This is ideal for an introduction to ionic and molecular compound nomenclature.

    Mineral Density: Teaching accuracy, slope, and percent error in the Earth science classroom
    Mary Colson Horizon Middle School Moorhead, MN
    This activity is a lab investigation in which students make mass/volume measurements of several samples of the same mineral to determine the mineral's density. Students graph their data and make the connection between their qualitative understanding of what density is and the mathematical/graphical representation of density.

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