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Rory McFadden

Geoscience Associate

Science Education Resource Center – Carleton College
Curriculum Vitae (Acrobat (PDF) 242kB Mar21 16)

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I joined the SERC web and evaluation teams in March 2016. I am creating and updating workshop-related and topical websites, supporting workshops and webinars, and assisting with data analysis. Current projects and workshops include:

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InTeGrate Webinar Series: The webinar series promotes broad adoption of teaching aligned with InTeGrate principles while using InTeGrate-developed and curated materials as tools. The InTeGrate project supports the teaching of geoscience in the context of societal issues both within geoscience courses and across the undergraduate curriculum.

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Teaching Computation in the Sciences Using MATLAB: The workshop will bring together faculty from the sciences who teach computation and quantitative thinking skills using MATLAB. Learning how to process data and develop quantitative models are critically important for students to perform calculations, analyze data, create numerical models and visualizations, and more deeply understand complex systems—all essential aspects of modern science.

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Accelerating Systemic Change Network (ASCN): The ASCN serves as a professional network and intellectual home for the community engaged in creating and/or studying change in post-secondary STEM education in a broad range of disciplines.

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SAGE 2YC Change Agents–June 2016: This workshop was the second in a series of face-to-face workshops during a four-year project. The Change Agents learned about evidence-based practices to improve student success, broaden participation in the geosciences, and facilitate professional pathways of students in the geosciences.


My background is in teaching geoscience and conducting research in structural geology and petrology. I was an assistant professor of geological sciences at Salem State University where I taught a range of geoscience courses and conducted field-based structural geology research with undergraduate students. From my faculty experience, I have developed an interest in undergraduate research and teaching pedagogy.

In my geoscience research, I used field-based structural geology and geochronology to examine the growth, evolution, and collapse of continental crust. My research projects focused on the cooling and exhumation history of middle to lower crust and the relationship between partial melting and deformation. Research project field areas include the Fosdick Mountains, West Antarctica, the Pioneer Mountains, Idaho, the Croydon Dome, New Hampshire, Panama, and the Klamath Mountains, California.


University of Minnesota, Ph.D. 2009, Structural Geology
University of Wyoming, M.S. 2004, Geology
University of Rochester, B.S. 2001, Geology/Biology

Selected Publications and Presentations

McFadden, R.R., Teyssier, C., Siddoway, C.S., Cosca, M.A., and Fanning, C.M., 2015, Mid-Cretaceous oblique rifting of West Antarctica: Emplacement and rapid cooling of the Fosdick Mountains migmatite-cored gneiss dome: Lithos, 232, 306–218.

McFadden, R.R., Mulch, A., Teyssier, C., and Heizler, M., 2015, Eocene extension and meteoric fluid flow in the Wildhorse Detachment, Pioneer metamorphic core complex, Idaho: Lithosphere, doi: 10.1130/L429.1.

Saito, S., M. Brown, F. J. Korhonen, R.R. McFadden, and C. S. Siddoway, 2013, Petrogenesis of Cretaceous mafic intrusive rocks, Fosdick Mountains, West Antarctica: Melting of the sub-continental arc mantle along the Gondwana margin, Gondwana Research, 23, 1567–1580.

Yakymchuk, C., C. S. Siddoway, C. M. Fanning, R.R. McFadden, F. J. Korhonen, and M. Brown, 2013, Anatectic reworking and differentiation of continental crust along the active margin of Gondwana: a zircon Hf-O perspective from West Antarctica, Geol. Soc. London Spec. Publ.

Montes, C., Cardona, A., McFadden, R., Moron, S.E., Silva, C.A., Restrepo-Moreno, S., Ramirez, D.A., Hoyos, N., Wilson, J., Farris, D., Bayona, G.A., Jaramillo, C.A., Valencia, V., Bryan, J., and Flores, J.A., 2012, Evidence for middle Eocene and younger land emergence in central Panama: Implications for Isthmus closure, Geological Society of America Bulletin, doi: 10.1130/B30528.

Whattam, S.A., Montes, C., McFadden, R.R., Cardona, A., Ramirez, D., and Valencia, V., 2012, Age and origin of earliest adakitic-like magmatism in Panama: Implications for the tectonic evolution of the Panamanian magmatic arc system, Lithos, 142–143, 226–244.

McFadden, R.R., Siddoway, C.S., Teyssier, C., and Fanning, C.M., 2010, Cretaceous oblique extensional deformation and magma accumulation in the Fosdick Mountains migmatite-cored gneiss dome, West Antarctica: Tectonics, doi: 10.1029/2009TC002492.

McFadden, R.R., Teyssier, C., Siddoway, C.S., Whitney, D.L., and Fanning, C.M., 2010, Oblique dilation, melt transfer, and gneiss dome emplacement: Geology, 375–378, doi: 10.1130/G30493.1.

McFadden, R., Siddoway, C.S., Teyssier, C., Fanning, C.M., and Kruckenberg, S.C., 2007, Cretaceous oblique detachment tectonics in the Fosdick Mountains, Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica, in Antarctica: A Keystone in a changing World – Online Proceedings of the 10th ISAES, edited by A.K. Cooper abd C.R. Raymond et al., USGS Open-File Report 2007-1047, Short Research Paper 046, 6 p.; doi: 10.3133/0f2007-1047.srp046.

McFadden, R.R., Snoke, A.W., and Barnes, C.G., 2006, Structural and Petrologic evolution of the Bear Peak intrusive complex, Klamath Mountains, California, in Snoke, A.W., and Barnes, C.G., eds., Geologic studies in the Klamath Mountains province, California and Oregon. GSA Special Paper 410, p. 333–355, doi: 10.1130/2006.2410(16).

Barnes, C.G., Snoke, A.W., Harper, G.D., Frost, C.D, McFadden, R.R., Bushey, J.C., Barnes, M.W., 2006, Arc plutonism following regional thrusting: Petrology and geochemistry of syn- and post-Nevadan plutons in the Siskiyou Mountains, Klamath Mountains province, California, in Snoke, A.W., and Barnes, C.G., eds., Geologic studies in the Klamath Mountains province, California and Oregon, GSA Special Paper 410, p. 357–376, doi: 10.1130/2006.2410 (17).