Evaluation and Assessment in Grant Development

A Discussion at the SCAFRO Meeting, July 14, 2016 10:30-12:00

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More about SERC Evaluation and Research


  • Intro to SERC
  • The role of evaluation, assessment and research in projects and proposals
    • What is the difference between evaluation, assessment and research?
    • When do you want what? [hidden]
      • Role in project
        • formative evaluation to guide program improvements
        • summative evaluation to report to college, funders
        • research to build knowledge/theory to apply to new situations
        • assessment to understand student or faculty learning
        • Examples
      • Requirements/goals of grant program
        • NSF model for research as a way of increasing capacity and knowledge transfer
        • NSF requirements for external summative evaluation
        • HHMI interest in publications; formative feedback
        • others?
  • What makes a strong evaluation plan?
    • alignment with goals and needs of projects - role of logic model or theory of change
    • integrated with the rest of the proposal (text, diagrams, timelines, meetings)
    • formative feedback loop explicit - how will data/findings be used in program management[hidden] 1468452197
  • summative evaluation judgements are credible
  • showShow
  • research products are defined and in the project plan
  • doable within time, budget and personnel
  • How does evaluation from one project support the next project?
  • How to questions/common challenges discussion.
    • budgeting
    • finding external evaluators
    • managing external evaluators
    • using internal evaluators
    • engaging the project participants in research
  • Collective Impact, Systems Approaches, and Emergent Outcomes