Ellen Altermatt

Contact Information

Education and Evaluation Associate
Science Education Resource Center
Carleton College
(507) 222-5343

Professional Experience

I joined the SERC Evaluation Team in January 2019. I have over 20 years of experience conducting basic and applied educational research and teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. My basic research program has focused on understanding the factors that impact the academic outcomes, including the "non-cognitive" outcomes, of K-16 students. My applied work has focused on conducting formative and summative evaluations for programs in higher education, K-12, and outside of school time (OST) settings. Some of my most recent work has been in service to the Center for Advancing Research Impact in Society (ARIS), the Polar Literacy Initiative, the LACOL QLAB Project, and the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) Data Labs Project. Areas of expertise include:

  • designing and conducting correlational, experimental, and quasi-experimental studies;
  • developing and validating survey measures, including measures for collecting intensive longitudinal data (e.g., "daily diary" data);
  • data reduction;
  • performing and coding classroom and OST observations;
  • conducting and coding interviews with individuals and focus groups;
  • collecting and manipulating data from a variety of local, state, and federal databases;
  • wrangling and visualizing data in SPSS and R;
  • analyzing data using both qualitative and quantitative techniques including narrative analysis, ANOVA, regression, mediation analysis, meta-analysis, propensity score matching (PSM), social network analysis (SNA), and multilevel modeling (MLM).


Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Developmental Psychology (Quantitative Psychology)
M.S., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Educational Psychology


Harvard EdX PH125.1x: Data Science. R Basics
Harvard EdX PH125.2x: Data Science. Data Visualization in R
Harvard EdX PH125.6x: Data Science. Data Wrangling in R
Harvard EdX PH125.7x: Data Science. Linear Regression in R
DataCamp: Intermediate R; Introduction to the Tidyverse; Reporting with R Markdown; Data Manipulation with dplyr; Network Analysis in R; Introduction to Regression in R; Hierarchical and Mixed Effects Models in R

Employment History

Science Education Resource Center (SERC)
Carleton College
January 2019 - Present

St. Olaf College
Adjunct Faculty, Department of Psychology
February 2021 - May 2021

Hanover College
Professor, Department of Psychology
September 2015 - December 2018

Indiana Youth Institute
Program Evaluation Consultant
June 2015 - August 2018

Hanover College
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
September 2008 - August 2015

Hanover College
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
September 2003 - August 2008

Michigan State University
Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Psychology
September 2001 - August 2003

Teaching Experience

Academic Service Learning, Adulthood and Aging, Adult Development, Advanced Research Methods, Basic Principles in Psychology, Child and Adolescent Development, Cognitive Development Across the Lifespan, Developmental Psychology, First-Year Seminar, Nature and Nurture, Seminar in Educational Psychology, Psychological Development, Psychology of Gender, Psychology of the Family, Research Practicum, Research Seminar, Social and Personality Development, Social Development Across the Lifespan

Selected Publications and Presentations

Eblen-Zayas, M., Altermatt, E., Muller, L. J., Leamon, J., & Richard, S. (2020). Supporting student quantitative skills across introductory STEM courses: faculty approaches and perceived needs, 2020 PERC Proceedings [Virtual Conference, July 22-23, 2020], edited by S. Wolf, M. B. Bennett, and B. W. Frank, doi: 10.1119/perc.2020.pr.Eblen-Zayas.

Beane, R., Altermatt, E. R., Iverson, E. R., & Macdonald, R. H. (2020). Design and impact of the workshop for early career geoscience faculty. Journal of Geoscience Education. DOI: 10.108/1089995.2020.1722787

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Altermatt, E.R., Dine Young, S., & Tuttle, K. K. (2018, June). The promises and perils of assessing grit and other non-cognitive skills. Presented at the annual meeting of the Higher Education Data Sharing (HEDS) Consortium, Spokane, WA.

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