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Have you ever wondered what happens when users give us information with the 'contribute a reference' form?

References that have been suggested by users of our sites

All of our web sites encourage users to contribute resources for us to add to our collections. These suggestions flow into a submission queue. You (or someone you love) may be assigned the privilege of dealing with a submission queue. You'll find them on the admin site sitting alongside the other related parts of a site. So, for instance, if you're looking for the queues that site behind the various submission forms in the Using Data site you'd look under the Using Data section of the admin site (assuming it was visible to you) and see:

Screen shot of using data submission queues
Here are 4 submission queues that correspond to 4 pages with 4 forms.

Following the first of these links gets us to the actual queue where we see a brief summary of each submission along with an edit link that takes us to a view of each single complete submission:

Screen shot of a single submission
Here's a sample submission (and not a good one).

The information on this page pretty much just sits there like a lump. The only thing you can change is the status. You can choose from the available status options in the pull-down menu or create a new one (careful, it'll be added to all the pull-downs across the site so make sure it a good one) by filling in the text box. This is just for us to keep track of whether one of us has looked at and appropriately dealt with a given submission.

Normally you'd look at a submission, decide if it was worthy and if so move it on to a cataloging queue. Worthiness is subject to interpretation. We can obviously ignore submissions with completely bogus information from passing web vandals. And submissions that are way off the current topic, but that fall into the general realm of "someone involved with a SERC project would want to know about this" should probably be passed on to the relevant party via a friendly email (ask up the chain o' command if you're not sure who to pass something to.....) Once you've dealt with an entry be sure to change the status so that the next person through knows what you've done (and isn't doomed to repeat your efforts).

Assuming you've got a live one then you can add this item to the catalog queue by following the instructions on the catalog queue page.