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To have your records QA'ed.

  1. Email the reviewer the record numbers, titles, and corresponding vocabulary choices. Let the reviewer know your time frame for when you'd like them back.
  2. Once you get the edits back from QA, access your records for editing by opening the catalog tool, clicking edit record, from the navigation bar on the left, then entering the record number on the next screen.
  3. Make suggested changes if they make sense to you. Since you are the cataloger, ultimately it's your decision.
  4. Once all edits are done, save the record by selecting save and submit.
  5. In order to have a master ID assigned to your record, the status needs to be changed to done. Please refer to the section about managing DCS records.

To do QA:

When the cataloger sends you records for QA, let them know if you can't get the records done in their time frame, and when you will be able to do them.
  1. Go to SERC Admin
  2. Click on Resource cataloging tools
  3. Click on cataloged resources
  4. Open the appropriate DCS
  5. Do NOT launch the catalog tool
  6. Click on the manage tab at the top of the page.
    Screen shot showing the manage tab
  7. Click on the browse records button (also at the top of the page).
    Screen shot showing how to browse for DCS records
  8. Type in the catalog record number, then hit view record.
  9. Copy and paste the record into Microsoft Word.
  10. In Word, suggest changes in red text, and deletions in strikethrough font (format/font/strikethrough)
  11. Alternatively, use 'track changes' option in Word.
  12. To move forward one record in the DCS, click the > symbol.
  13. Put all records in the same Word document.
  14. Attach it to an e-mail to the cataloger.

Things to check for QA

  • Does the URL work?
  • Are all fields filled in?
  • Are there any typos or grammatical errors?
  • Does the description read well? Is it accurate?
  • Did the cataloger already select the vocabulary terms? Do they make sense?