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Tips for the copyright statement

Poke around to find the copyright statement. Some places to look:
  • Bottom of the page (Note that sometimes the simple 'copyright 2005' is linked to a more complete copyright statement.)
  • Under 'about' or 'contact us'
  • Under disclaimer or privacy statement. Note that you don't want the disclaimer or the privacy statement; you only want the copyright statement.
  • On the Department home page
  • On the University/organization home page

Hint: to back up to the department, university, or agency home page, delete some of the end parts of the URL. Start at the end of the URL and delete up to the preceding /. Repeat to go back an additional level in the web hierarchy. That is a way to 'back up' if there is no clear way to go up a level in the web structure.

Paste in the copyright statement, but
  • Replace the symbol ??? with the word "copyright."
  • Shorten or simplify the copyright statement if it's long. Only include relevant info!
What if you've searched all over and can't find a copyright statement?
Write: Copyright and other restrictions information are unknown.