SERC-Carleton Collaborations on Evaluation

Funded or Proposed

  • Quantitative Inquiry, Reasoning, and Knowledge (QuIRK)
    • Quirk 1 - Determine the impact of QUIRK supported activities on faculty and students (focus groups and interviews); report on Carleton evaluation data from project to evaluator
    • Quirk 2 (NSF) - document impact of professional development on teaching
  • Assessment of Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning (HHMI)
    • Coordinate evaluation components
    • investigate impact of professional development on teaching and learning Carleton's assessment and dissemination efforts
    • formative evaluation of broadening participation initiatives
  • Luce
  • Carleton Faculty Use of the Web

SERC Competencies and Experience

Program Evaluation

Evaluate national programs including workshop and website components base on evaluation theory: On the Cutting Edge, Building Strong Geoscience Departments

Research on Teaching and Learning

Assessment impacts of workshops, websites, and programs on change in teaching practice and student learning: Faculty Participation in the NSDL, Learning Landscapes Project, Earthlabs for Educators and Policy Makers, Bringing MARGINS Science to the Classroom

Quantitative instruments (survey design and web analytics)

Use survey and web analytics to understand faculty communities: The Mathematical Association of America Convergence Online Magazine, Faculty Participation in the NSDL

Qualitative instruments (focus groups and interviews)

Use focus groups and interviews to determine longitudinal impacts and spread of effect: Building Strong Geoscience Departments, On the Cutting Edge

Usability and heuristic evaluation of websites

Conduct think aloud protocols and use techniques such as card-sorting to develop website design: A Civil Action: the Woburn Toxic Trial, Starting Point—Teaching Entry-level Geosciences

Other Efforts

  • SERC Pedagogic Service
    • Usability testing
    • Impact of web resources on teaching
  • Starting Point—Teaching Entry-level Geoscience
    • Usability testing
    • Vocabulary development and testing
    • Study of how faculty think about teaching
  • Teaching Quantitative Skills in the Geosciences
    • Vocabulary development and testing
    • Usability testing
  • Faculty Participation in the NSDL
    • Site of focus group
    • Participated (127 responses) in national survey
  • On the Cutting Edge
    • Program evaluation
    • Usability testing