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Rebecca Teed

Post-Doctoral Education Fellow (2003-2004)
Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College

I am a post-doc working with Cathy Manduca at the Science Education Research Center at Carleton College. My major project there is Starting Point, a web site for instructors of introductory geoscience classes for undergraduates. I have also worked as a researcher, studying pollen records from lakes all around the world and using them to reconstruct past vegetation and climate. From 2000-2001, I was a lecturer with the University of Maryland - European Division, teaching general biology, math, and computer science to U.S. military personnel in Turkey, Bosnia, and Bahrain.


University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN - Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior, Ph.D., 1999
Emmanuel College, Cambridge University - Quaternary Studies, M. Phil., 1993
Williams College - Biology, B.A., 1990


SERC Publications

Allison, T.D., Art, H.W., Cunningham, F.E., and Teed, R., Forty-two years of succession following clearcutting in a northern hardwoods forest in northwestern Massachusetts, Forest Ecology and Management, v. 192, p. 285-301, 2003

Camill, P., Umbanhowar, C.E., Teed, R., Geiss, C.E., Dvorak, L., Kenning, J., Limmer, J., Walkup, K., Aldinger, J., Late Glacial and Holocene Climatic Effects on Fire and Vegetation Dynamics at the Prairie-Forest Ecotone in South-Central Minnesota, Journal of Ecology, v. 91, p. 822-836, 2003

Teed, R., A > 130,000-Year-Long Pollen Record from Pittsburg Basin, Illinois, Quaternary Research, v. 54, p. 264-274, 2000
(Abstracts for the above publications and other projects.)