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Serckit is our web platform for catalyzing education communities. When your project partners with SERC, you gain access to Serckit and our team of experts who can help you take full advantage of the platform.

Serckit includes a complete suite of tools for supporting education reform.

Tools that bring visibility and coherence to the expertise and experiences of your community

  • Project and community websites from 10 pages to 10,000.
  • Cross-project sharing features allow seamless re-purposing of content across sites.
  • Support for community engagement: email lists to sharing of teaching resources; online discussion boards to community member profile pages.
  • Flexible page designs and easy authoring environments.
  • Ubiquitous taxonomic tools that enable richly searchable and easily managed collections.

Tools that are purpose-built for educational change

  • Built-in support for key educational themes: effective pedagogies to next-generation science standards, quantitative skills to systems thinking.
  • Online curriculum publishing from single activities to entire courses.
  • Pre-built templates and forms that reflect best practices: from documenting curriculum to evaluating workshops.

Tools that empower projects and collaborations at inter-institutional scales

  • Sites built by one author or thousands, in one place or around the world.
  • Privacy controls designed to support project and community management.
  • Combined reporting/dissemination strategies support management of large distributed projects.
  • Project engagement tracking that integrates with demographic and institutional data to support evaluation.

Tools evolved and refined through real-world use

  • Used successfully by more than 100 education projects.
  • Home to more than 31,000 pages of original community content.
  • Used to support more than 250 workshops and webinars.
  • Has engaged participants at more than 1,000 higher education institutions.

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