Join the Community

Something for Everyone

There are many ways for you to get involved with SERC. Our collections are strong because of people like you, who share their expertise and best practices with the community. We invite you to check out and get involved with SERC and its partner sites.

Contribute to the Collections

Many of our partner projects welcome contributions of teaching materials such as classroom, laboratory, and field activities, course descriptions, visualizations, and more. These contributions become part of SERC's wider collection and are a critical part of what makes the site so valuable.
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Watch for Opportunities to Participate

A number of our projects periodically release calls for opportunities to develop materials, test materials, and otherwise participate more fully in the project. These are often reflected in emails and the News column on the left side of the SERC homepage.

Participate in a Workshop

Many of our projects offer workshops, webinars, and other events on a variety of topics. Join us for a workshop to share ideas with colleagues, learn from experts, and build a network of like-minded peers. You can browse upcoming workshops and learn more about which projects offer workshops on the Workshops Site Guide.

Join the Discussion

Many of SERC's partner projects have email lists that are used to keep the community in the loop about upcoming events, such as workshops and webinars; alert others about new resources that may be of broad interest; or to engage in discussion with the community about specific topics of interest. You can browse existing lists and discussion boards on the Email Lists and Discussions Site Guide.