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Call for Proposals to Offer Local Workshops on Supporting Geoscience Education in 2YCs

Deadline for applications October 6, 2014

Strong undergraduate geoscience education is dependent on effective programs at two-year colleges (2YCs). These colleges play an increasingly important role in producing earth-science literate citizens, developing a competent and creative geoscience workforce, teaching science to pre-service K-12 teachers, and providing a foundation for broadening participation in the geosciences. Two-year college faculty face substantial challenges – limited resources for travel, isolation, and few opportunities for geoscience professional development specific for their setting. Our project seeks teams of two-four 2YC geoscience faculty members (at least one of whom previously attended a SAGE 2YC workshop on the proposed topic) to conduct one-half to one-day workshops for at least 10 people in the first half of 2015.

We seek proposals in one or both of two areas:

1. Best Practices for Supporting Student Success in Geoscience at Two-year Colleges - workshops on this topic should focus on one or more of the following goals:

  • share information about supporting student success
  • explore strategies for effectively teaching all students, including distinct subpopulation(s)
  • explore best practices for accomplishing this at the local level
  • foster development of a local network of faculty interested in 2YC geoscience education.
2. Best Practices for Preparing and Advancing Two-year College Students for Geoscience Careers and Transfer - workshops on this topic should focus on one or more of the following goals:
  • share information about preparing students in two-year colleges for geoscience degrees and careers
  • provide information about local geoscience employment opportunities
  • explore best practices for accomplishing this at the local level
  • foster development of a local network of faculty interested in 2YC geoscience education.

The SAGE 2YC project will provide some financial support for the workshop and offer assistance with workshop design and logistics.

Why lead a workshop?

Designing and conducting a professional development workshop can be an exciting, enriching, and rewarding experience. Interaction with other professionals in planning the workshop, and with participants during the workshop, expands one's network of colleagues who can be called on for help and support. Leading a workshop can be enjoyable and intellectually stimulating. A workshop leader need not be an expert on the topic – only a facilitator to organize and conduct the activity. Finally, a workshop can increase the visibility and support for the geosciences within your college and the community. By leading a workshop you can establish closer ties with your administration, nearby 4-year institutions, and local education experts, and help improve the success of 2YC students in the geosciences.

How will SAGE 2YC support the local workshop?

Design and logistics support

The leaders of SAGE 2YC will provide support in planning and conducting your workshop and will facilitate interaction with the other local workshop leaders. After your proposal has been accepted, SAGE 2YC staff will offer three or four virtual meetings with other SAGE 2YC local workshop leaders on website development and workshop design and logistics and provide opportunities for individual consultations with SAGE 2YC leaders. Other resources for planning and conducting a workshop are available in the On the Cutting Edge website at Resources for Workshop Leaders. The SAGE 2YC Project will provide online templates for workshop registration and evaluation. SAGE 2YC staff also will coordinate with the Geo2YC Division of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers to provide the names and contact information of 2YC geoscience faculty in your area.

Before submitting your proposal, we encourage you to look at the 2014 SAGE 2YC local workshops, including the specific workshop programs and topics addressed, available on the workshop schedule page.

Financial support

To help facilitate the workshop, the SAGE 2YC Project will reimburse the team for up to $500 workshop expenses, such as non-alcoholic drinks, meals, and snacks for participants, office supplies, mailing expenses, and room-use/audiovisual fees. Upon completion of the workshop and submission of the workshop report, each team leader will receive a stipend. The total leader stipend for the workshop is $1000, which will be divided between the number of people leading the workshop (e.g., $500 each for two leaders, $250 each for four leaders, or some other combination based on the number of leaders and how they want to allocate the workshop leader stipend).

Interested? Here are the steps:

  1. Find one or more colleagues to work with.
  2. Submit a proposal to the SAGE 2YC team.
  3. Participate in 3-4 virtual meetings on website development, and workshop logistics and design.
  4. Plan workshop and recruit participants with help from the SAGE 2YC team.
  5. Create a website for your workshop (we will help you with this)
  6. Run the workshop.
  7. Upload all workshop presentations on the workshop website.
  8. After the workshop submit a final report of the accomplishments and lessons learned from the workshop, personal reflections from each leader about what they gained from leading the workshop and suggestions for future workshop leaders, along with receipts and other documentation for reimbursement.