Call for Cohort 3 Faculty Change Agents

Application Deadline: November 1, 2019

[The most valuable aspect of the virtual professional development activities is] "having this new network ... . The whole experience has been invaluable with shared ideas and resources." A Cohort 2 Change Agent

The SAGE 2YC Faculty as Change Agents project is looking for teams of community college faculty who want to work together in 2020 to support the success of all of their students, broaden participation in STEM, facilitate students' professional pathways, strengthen some aspect of their program/department/or division, and participate in a national community with other two-year college (2YC) faculty with similar goals.

Are you are interested in:
  • Developing strategies to attract more students to your program/department?
  • Exploring and sharing strategies to support the success of all your students?
  • Supporting students' career pathways (careers and/or transfer to 4-year institutions as STEM majors)?
  • Expanding your professional network?
  • Developing your leadership skills and becoming more effective advocates for your program/department?

Then please consider forming a team with like-minded colleagues from your college (same or different campuses) and submit an application to become a SAGE 2YC Cohort 3 Change Agent team. Teams will include two or three full-time or part-time faculty from STEM fields, including at least one geoscience instructor (e.g., one team might include 2 geoscientists; another might include a geoscientist and an environmental biologist, and another might include a geoscientist, a chemist, and a physicist). To reiterate, part-time/adjunct faculty are encouraged to participate.

SAGE 2YC Change Agents form a national network of 2YC faculty who, with the support of other faculty, administrators, and the project leadership team, implement evidence-based strategies to improve all students' academic success, broaden participation in the geosciences and other STEM disciplines, and facilitate students' professional pathways into the geoscience or STEM workforce - including transfer and careers. Cohort 3 Change Agents will work to catalyze change at two scales: (1) their own teaching and (2) their department(s), program(s), or division.

Why participate?

The SAGE 2YC Faculty as Change Agents project will provide you with virtual professional development activities for one year, January to December, 2020. We anticipate that your participation in this project will have many benefits:

  • You will deepen your knowledge of high-impact, evidence-based practices to support student success, broaden participation, and facilitate students' professional pathways through our virtual professional development activities. By implementing these practices, we anticipate you will strengthen your teaching and your program/department/division, with the goal of better supporting your students.
  • You will develop your leadership skills as a faculty member and become a more effective advocate for your program/department/division, learning about leadership styles and strategies for working with others to strengthen your program, department, and/or division.
  • Using an inquiry approach, you will work for changes in your courses and program(s) and/or department(s) and will collect and analyze course-level data to consider needs, opportunities, and the impact of your work.
  • You will work with faculty peers from Cohort 1 and 2 Change Agent teams, who have successfully implemented changes that strengthened their teaching and programs/departments.
  • You will meet and work with other like-minded faculty, sharing your experience and expertise, working with others on your team to develop your campus connections and to lead workshops on your campus, and becoming part of a vibrant national network of geoscience and other STEM faculty at 2YCs.
  • You will receive financial support for participation in the project: $3,000 per person.


Change Agent teams will implement high-impact, evidence-based instructional and co-curricular practices at their own institutions that will support the academic success of all students, broaden participation, and promote students' professional pathways in STEM. They will also share these practices with colleagues.

Individual Change Agents will:

  • Participate in the professional development activities (all virtual) of the project in 2020:
    • Spring workshop (January-April): Participate in 12 activities, including synchronous one-hour meetings (via Zoom) and asynchronous work (e.g. readings, videos, discussion boards). Activities will take 1.5-2 hours per week.
    • Five-day summer workshop: (max 3-4 hours per day, with synchronous and asynchronous work each day).
    • Choice of activities in the fall: (e.g., book club, journal club, implementation group, akin to these from fall 2018). Each series will include 3 one-hour meetings with some asynchronous work between meetings.
    • An end of year (November or December 2020) meeting where teams will present highlights of their work.
  • Based on your goals, make some changes in your teaching that are aligned with SAGE 2YC project goals and describe your goals and the changes you made on the SAGE 2YC website.
  • Complete surveys about educational practices and leadership, participate in short interviews with the project researcher, and complete other project evaluations.

Topics planned for the spring virtual workshop

  • Teaching practices that support the academic success of all students
  • Course design
  • Promoting student metacognition
  • Supporting students' career preparation
  • Supporting transfer to four-year institutions
  • Broadening participation through strategies for inclusion and equity
  • Strengthening your programs and departments
  • Developing your team action plan
  • Engaging campus partners
  • Meeting with your Dean
  • Working within your institutional context

Change Agent teams will:

  • Develop a team action plan, based on your team goals, for strengthening your program(s), department(s), and/or division in ways that are aligned with SAGE 2YC project goals.
  • Lead two workshops in fall 2020 on your campus (one workshop would be ~ 1-hour and the other would typically be longer), and write a short reflective report.
  • Work with your dean, other administrator, and/or institutional research office to collect demographic and student success data from your courses, and if you wish, your program(s), department(s), or division, to help identify opportunities and strengthen your impact.
  • Describe your team and context, highlight your team's activities and results, and showcase your strategies for making change happen on the SAGE 2YC website.
  • Share highlights of your work in a culminating virtual meeting with others in the project.

You can read about the Cohort 1 and 2 Change Agent Teams who participated in the project for four and two years, respectively.


To apply, please complete the Cohort 3 Change Agent Application form. Change Agent teams will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • The likely success of the work you want to accomplish
  • The potential impact of your work
  • How your team contributes to the overall diversity of Change Agent teams

In the application, you will be asked to articulate what you would like to accomplish and the goals that you would like to pursue as a Change Agent. We recognize that your plans and goals may change as the project develops. To apply, read through the questions on the application form to plan your response, and write out your answers to the questions. Then one team member should complete the application form on behalf of the team. You will also be asked to identify your dean or other administrator who will provide a letter of commitment (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 36kB Sep18 19); if team members are on different campuses, please provide a letter of commitment from a dean or other administrator for each campus.