Cohort 3 Leaders

We invite SAGE 2YC Change Agents from Cohorts 1 and 2 to take on leadership roles in the virtual professional development program for Cohort 3 Change Agents.

Cohort 3 Overview

Cohort 3 teams will participate in a virtual professional development program for one year, January-December, 2020. The teams will focus on changes in their courses and their program/department, and each team will lead 2 campus workshops in the fall (one will be ~ 1 hour, and the other will typically be longer). The virtual PD program will include the following:

  • A spring workshop with 12 synchronous and asynchronous activities, from late January through late April
  • A five-day summer workshop (3-4 hours/day with both synchronous and asynchronous activities each day)
  • A choice of virtual activities in the fall (e.g., book club, journal club, or implementation group, akin to these)
  • An end-of-year (November or December) virtual meeting where teams will present highlights of their work

Two key differences in the composition of Cohort 3 teams are (1) that teammates must be from the same college (though they may be on different campuses) and (2) that teams may include faculty from other STEM disciplines (though there must be at least one geoscientist on each team). More information is available on the call for C3 teams.

Topics planned for the spring virtual workshop

  • Teaching practices that support the academic success of all students
  • Course design
  • Promoting student metacognition
  • Supporting students' career preparation
  • Supporting transfer to four-year institutions
  • Broadening participation through strategies for inclusion and equity
  • Strengthening your programs and departments
  • Developing your team action plan
  • Engaging campus partners
  • Meeting with your Dean
  • Working within your institutional context

Leadership opportunities

We hope that many of you will be interested in helping to lead the virtual professional development activities, building on your experience and expertise. We envision two possible levels of your involvement as leaders:

  1. You could contribute to the program on a one-time basis.
    • Describe an activity, assignment, or approach in a few slides as part of a panel presentation in a workshop activity
    • Co-lead a 1-hour workshop activity
    • Respond to discussion posts for a specific topic
    • Make a short video about some aspect of your work that would be used as a resource
    • Share suggestions for designing and publicizing a workshop on campus
    • Or something else .... We are open to other possibilities.
  2. You could contribute through sustained involvement over the course of the spring, summer, and/or fall, participating in multiple activities. If selected, you would be part of a team who would work with the project leaders to design and lead the professional development activities over the course of the spring, summer, and/or fall.
    • Co-lead some of the workshop activities
    • Respond to discussion posts for several topics
    • Mentor one or two teams, responding to their discussion posts
    • Propose, co-design, and lead a session in the summer workshop
    • Co-lead one of the fall virtual activities (e.g., book club, implementation group, ...)
    • Co-lead peer review sessions for the Cohort 3 teams as they plan their fall workshops on campus (like the sessions John and Carol have led before each of your regional workshops)
    • Organize a team in your region and encourage them to apply. If their team is accepted, you would meet with them and serve as their mentor/coach.
    • Or other things ... We are open to other possibilities.

Recognition of your contribution

We anticipate selecting many Change Agents who would contribute in a variety of ways to project activities based on their interests and our needs. Whatever your level of involvement in leading the programming for Cohort 3, we will write a letter to your dean, or other administrator of your choice, thanking you and acknowledging your contribution.

For those of you selected for sustained involvement in working with us to lead the Cohort 3 program, we will meet virtually several times to make decisions about who will work on specific activities based on your interests and our needs, and to learn more about effective coaching and mentoring strategies, professional development, and leadership. We will also provide a modest stipend for this level of sustained leadership. We anticipate it will be ~$1,000 to $1,500 per person; the amount of the stipend will depend on the number of Change Agents selected for this role and the work commitment.

Apply to be a Leader of Change for Cohort 3 by October 18, 2019.