LTC: Peer-Led Team Learning in General Chemistry

Carleton College Learning and Teaching Center, PEPS, Carleton College Learning and Teaching Center


Professor Regina F. Frey, Director of WU Teaching Center and Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemistry; Washington University in St. Louis.

At Washington University, peer-led team-learning (PLTL) groups have been implemented in both semesters of our general-chemistry series, as well as the three semesters of calculus and the two semesters of general physics. Two major differences in our PLTL program compared to those implemented elsewhere are: optional participation in our program, and the development of a peer-leader training program that includes a semester-long multi-disciplinary training course on group facilitation. This talk will focus on describing the implementation and peer-leader training of our PLTL program, as well as the statistical evaluation of our General-Chemistry PLTL program.

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