LTC: Unemployment, Childcare, and Manatees: Using Production Meetings to Support Curricular Development

Carleton College Learning and Teaching Center, PEPS, Carleton College Learning and Teaching Center


Presenters: Peter Brandon, Broom Professor of Social Demography; Kristen Partlo, Reference & Instruction Librarian for Social Sciences; Kathy Evertz, Director for Academic Support Center; Paula Lackie, Academic Technologist; Andrea Nixon, Director of Curricular and Research Support; and Doug Foxgrover, Communication & Training Coordinator.

For the past six months, faculty and academic support professionals have been experimenting with "production meetings" as a way of coordinating efforts associated with courses that either span disciplinary boundaries and/or support organizations. Come hear about one effort to design a new course that incorporates data analysis, quantitative reasoning, and persuasive argumentation.

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