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University of California at Berkeley, Geography Computing Facility

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The Geo-Images project is an initiative to make images that are useful in teaching geography more widely available. Currently, Geo-Images consists of twelve chapters: 1. Images of the California Environment - selected to illustrate a short disquisition on some aspect of humans and the environment. They can be accessed through subject and regional lists, or from a clickable map; 2. Images of Daily Life in Morocco, with scenes from the city, countryside, mountains and desert oases; 3. Images of Afghanistan in 1976-78- related to evaluating snow as a water resource; 4. Images of Hong Kong- focusing on life on the houseboats and in squatter settlements and relocation projects; 5. Physical Geography Illustrated; 6. Images of the American West (primarily between the Sierra-Cascade divide and the 100th meridian)- emphasizing ranching and water issues; Pictures of the Western States (excluding California)- featuring environmental issues and parklands; 7. Virtual Reality Panoramas (of the Berkeley campus); 8. Virtual Reality Panoramas (of Western North America and French Polynesia); 9. Aerial Geography of the Coastal Western North America; 10. A Geographer on the Kiwai Coast of Papua New Guinea; 11. Images of Arabia (Yemen and Saudi Arabia); 12. Images Illustrating Courses in Geomorphology. In addition to the completed chapters, image collections of the following topics remain in progress: Southeast Asia (primarily the Philippines, Burma, and Vietnam); magic lanterns (in California circa the turn of the century); snow surveys in the Sierra Nevadas; the White Mountains of California; French Polynesia; and houseboats on San Francisco Bay.

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