Possible Microbial Habitats in the Solar System

Laura Smith, University of California Observatories/ Lick Observatory

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This resource explores possible microbial habitats in the solar system. It begins by narrating historical ideas about "alien life" and then examines extreme habitats on Earth. Using comparative planetology, it explores the environments of Mars, Europa, and Titan. Each page uses visuals to support the possibility of extraterrestrial microbial life.

Subject: Biology:Ecology:Symbiotic Relations:Mutualism, Biology:Ecology:Metabolism, Habitats:Marine, Biology:Microbiology, Astrobiology
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Grade Level: High School (9-12), College Lower (13-14), Middle (6-8)
Extreme Environments: High Pressure, Extremely Hot, Extremely Cold
Topics: Biosphere:Ecology:Habitats:Freshwater, Terrestrial, Marine, Biosphere:Microbiology, Astrobiology, Ecology:Abiotic Relations
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