Student Recruitment

The target population for this program is advanced students with foundational training in environmental studies, encompassing studies from the natural, social sciences, and humanities. A minimum of 16 U.S. students will participate in the program during years two through four. The same number of Brazilian students will participate in the exchange, studying at the ACM colleges that have sent students to Brazil. Students will normally have completed 3.5 years of their undergraduate studies.

ACM Student Requirements
ACM students must have completed a minimum of two years of college-level Spanish and be willing to participate in an intensive Portuguese course for Spanish speakers, or have at least introductory training in Portuguese and be ready for intensive intermediate-level Portuguese. The ACM students will be required to take an intensive Portuguese class prior to the start of their semester in Brazil, unless they can demonstrate proficiency in Portuguese. The ACM students will also be required to take a course in Portuguese for foreigners while they are studying at UFJF or UnB.

Brazilian Student Requirements
Recruitment of Brazilian students will occur through the International Relations Office (CRI) at UFJF, and through the Assessoria de Assuentos Internacionais (INT) at UnB. Both offices require a CV analysis and English language test, as well as an interview for UFJF students.

Both U.S. and Brazilian students will pay tuition at their home institution. The project will provide students with $1,000 stipends to underwrite language training and $4,000 mobility stipend to cover international airfare, local transportation, housing, meals, books, and an ACM program fee, which includes insurance.

Support Services
At ACM colleges, Brazilian students will receive orientation designed for new students, as well as additional orientation designed for international students. The students will have an individual academic counselor, a residence advisor, and will be encouraged to use writing centers and other academic resources available.

At UFJF, U.S. students will receive services from the International Relations Office (CRI) in the areas of finding suitable housing, orientation designed for international students, and general advising. At UnB, students will receive services from the Assessoria de Assuntos Internacionais (INT), which include a housing orientation service.