Timeline for Q-bit Development 2017

July 14 - Teams form and development begins!

  • Team leads organize their group to:

    • Choose an instructional video that matches their content (think Kahn Academy)
    • Draft two application problems
    • Think about what their pre/post question and the introductory/context video might look like
    • Consider the schedule between now and the beginning of classes

August 1st - Get feedback from the Q-Lab core

  • Teams submit their chosen instructional video and best draft of application problems

  • Janet Russell from Carleton will review these drafts and give feedback as development continues

  • Teams work on pre/post questions and scripting or finding an intro/context video

  • Ask the core team for help. Laura Mueller can answer questions on pre/post questions, Dann Hurlburt on video

August 11 - Submit your draft

  • Teams submit a full, finished Q-bit including:

    • Context video
    • Two application problems
    • Instructional video
    • Pre/post questions
  • Look at the Q-bits from other teams and talk with them about your ideas

  • This will be the point where instructors will see your Q-bits for the first time and decide how they will use them.

  • The core team will provide feedback on a short turnaround so comments can be included in the final Q-bits

    • Dann Hurlbert - Videos
    • Janet Russell - Application questions
    • Laura Mulller - Pre/Post questions
    • Elizabeth Evans and core team - consistency across and within the Q-bits

August 25th - Q-bits finalized

  • Teams submit Q-bits revised to include any helpful suggestions from the review

  • Q-Lab core will work with your institution to make the Q-bits work on your local LMS

  • Show these off to your colleagues and encourage their use in courses on your campus.

First Day of Classes- consider teaching multiple Q-bits in your own courses

  • August 28 - Vassar

  • September 5 - Amherst, Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Swarthmore

  • September 7 - Washington & Lee

  • September 8 - Williams

  • September 11 - Carleton