Faculty Q-bit Testing Plan

Please complete the following form to describe your plan for testing the Q-bits in your course. This will allow our staff to know when you plan on implementing the Q-bits and send reminders and check-ins on data collection.

If you plan on using Q-bits in multiple courses, please fill out a form for each course you will teach. Thank you!

All Q-bit testers are asked to administer and collect student consent forms at the beginning of the semester. Students can choose to opt out of having their data used in the project, but it is crucial that they complete a form - opting in or out - in order for the project to even look at any data from your course.

Which Q-bit(s) do you plan to use in your course? (Check all that you anticipate using)

When do you plan to implement these Q-bits?
(We will use this information to send data collection reminders; it's okay if your plans change)
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Please check which of the following piece(s) of the Q-bit you plan to use: Select all that apply: